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For beginning chose between three different options of web hosting towards your needs. Let us know if you are not sure what is best for you.


You want to transfer a your website here? We know how stressful changing the web hosting companies can be. Therefore, we take the burden. Free domain transfer, documents, data bases and scripts. During the transfer of the web site you can count on the guaranteed visibility of the site at any time, complete control over your site, e-mails, FTP accounts, etc..

Virtual Private Servers

  • You can choose between the newest distributions of Linux: Debian 5, 6 Debian, CentOS 5.5, 6 CentOS, Ubuntu 10, 11 Ubuntu, Fedora 13, Fedora 15.
  • VPS control center gives you complete control in managing your VPS server.
  • Choose a hosting plan dependent on the service you want to run.
  • Full root access
  • Remote reboot
  • Hosting of unlimited number of domains
  • 10 GB of FREE backup space

Dedicated Servers

  • Servers that we offer are carefully chosen because they have the most optimal configuration for Java applications hosting
  • All dedicated servers are entirely administrated by our administrators.
  • Custom Built Dedicated Server solutions.
  • There is a possibility of configuring customized servers just for you.
  • Every configuration can be ordered with RAID options 1 or 0
  • Personal account manager
  • You can also buy a firewall or hardware system for storage

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What hosting package you want?

Size of your site depends on the nature of the site and its purpose. This dictates the hosting package you need. Hosting package must fit the size of your site, its growth ratio, data traffic and must be adaptable to changes that are being made on your web site. That's why we give you hosting packages that will completely satisfy the needs of various types of web sites, from the smallest personal presentations, over business sites, all the way to sites that need VPS (Virtual Private Server).

What do we offer

Hosting services we offer, are completely adaptable to your present and future needs with all the changes you decide to make.
We strive towards customizing our services so we can totally satisfy your demands.

We own great and reliable servers that are able to deliver every expectations you have, regarding disk space, speed and security. Your just have to decide what suits you most and if you're not sure, we can help you decide.

Web hosting Serbia

You'll find most affordable hosting in Serbia, Belgrade and Novi Sad here at PopArt web design studio.


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